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I must admit I’m obsessed with Twitter of late. And I’m proud to be part of 73.5 million unique users on Twitter, according to Comscore. But I have to wonder who the half person is? Anyway, Moms like me love Twitter. Why? Here’s a few reasons why and why brands should be in the conversation.

Twitter allows brands to reach Moms on a more personal level.
If a brand is genuine and real, the natural conversational aspect of Twitter allows brands to connect on a personal level with Moms and the brands they love.

Moms can view the world through many levels.
I love Twitter like many Moms because it is viewing your world through many levels that are scanned easily. Through Twitter, Moms can view their friends, connections to the local community and the world at large.

Moms love the power of “retweet”.
With the simple press of “retweet”, Moms have a super fast way to spread messages and content they find interesting, important and valuable. If you are a brand she loves, you’re missing an opportunity to provide her with valuable information that she may very well want to retweet on your behalf.

140 characters fits her lifestyle.
Moms don’t have a lot of spare time. Twitter with its 140 characters is a quick and easy way for Moms to stay connected and get support from other Moms. It’s quick companionship or even a way to spout off. Often she doesn’t have time to read lengthy articles, advertising or pore through a brand’s website, through Twitter, a brand can convey information to her in a sound byte way that fits in her life.

Moms love that brands are starting to use Twitter for problem resolution.
Moms are seeing that many brands are directly responding to complaints and often the response is immediate. This is much easier than working your way up the customer service line of most companies.

Moms need a little fun once in a while.
Twitter allows Moms to have a little fun by following celeb updates.

Twitter makes it easy to Moms to see trends.
Moms are researchers. Today’s Moms are informed and it’s fun to watch the twitter stream and see the trends happening all around her. Although it sort of reminds me of Twilight Zone, watching all these lives flowing by but it is fascinating.

Mom doesn’t need a computer to tweet.
With Twitter a Mom doesn’t even have to open a browser window or boot up a computer to tweet. She can use her phone. Again making it a perfect social media tool for busy Mom. Studies show Moms rarely leave home without their phones.

Mom is the ultimate connector and Twitter makes it easy.
For entrepreneurial Moms, twitter search makes it easy to find others tweeting in relevant areas. I’ve made some business connections myself off a simple tweet. Then it is just a matter of arranging a tweet up.

Moms like to be informed.
With Twitter, Moms can keep up with the news in the midst of her busy day. If your brand is in the news, chances are a Twitter Mom will see it. So brands need to be on Twitter to monitor and be a part of the conversation.

Twitter makes it easy for Moms to add to their blog followings. Twitter is one way Moms are adding to their blog followings. It’s a great way to be in the mix and to understand what she’s searching for and what is of interest.

If you have additional reasons Moms like to Twitter, please add to this list. To follow me on twitter,

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