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I must admit I personally haven’t been so driven to source out and buy green products. I know that I should but I have so many things I’m juggling, it was just one more thing I just didn’t think I could fit in. But I ran out of Murphy Oil Soap over the weekend and when I picked up the new bottle I discovered that 98% of it was made from “natural derived products.” I thought to myself “Wow, that’s cool.” A couple of weeks before that I discovered this site called and ordered 50 rolls of toilet paper. When it came, I discovered it was made from “paper made from paper” without chlorine bleaching. “Lucky strike bonus extra!” So I decided to delve deep into the whole “green” thing.

It didn’t take too much digging when I came upon a new study from the Social Studies Group, Gender and Eco-Trends Expert Andrea Learned titled The Green Mom Eco-cosm.

Hungering for products and solution to help their families live more sustainably, “green Moms” are not crazy fanatics you might think a green mom might be. The more they learn the more involved in a green lifestyle they become. As with most of Mom-dom, they want to provide information and awareness, how’s and why’s of solutions and hold themselves accountable, as well as, hold business and government accountable. And like so many things in a woman’s life, the birth of a child is often a motivating factor to triggering “greenness” for the future of her children.

These green moms, in general, are looking for brands that are making things like eco-friendly lunch boxes, bottles, diapers, toys, clothing, housewares, and more. They also like challenges and that brings up interesting ideas a social media perspective. Challenges like “the no plastic holiday’ or the “one can a month” challenge.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what I learned from the study.

The Super Greens are our whistleblowers and watchdogs. By far the Super Greens the most radical, they use natural products, they breastfeed, they use cloth diapers and have even gone so far as to purchase reusable toilet paper or make toilet paper from cloth.

The Eco-Moderates, like the Super Greens, are whistleblowers and strive to be green but sometimes give way to the realities of living their busy lives.

The Mainstream Greens sees green products as being made as part of normal purchases not necessarily to fill a need. She will be swayed by a green label on a product and considers herself to be taking baby steps towards leading a greener life.

Natural Parenting/Simple Lifestyle Mamas have a desire for natural parenting: breastfeeding, cloth diapers and homeschooling and want their children to be challenged by their imagination by simpler toys and pretend play.

Green and Frugal Moms focus on living within their means. They make stuff, fix repair things and take consideration for others by looking how their purchase might help their local economy.

More and more companies are developing green products and green Moms are quick to talk about them. I have often thought about the companies who sell both green products and unfriendly, chemical-filled products and questioned it as a strange dichotomy. The study showed that Moms were willing to overlook that but welcomed the option. But once again, Walmart was a controversial topic with Moms in regards to means they take to maintain low prices. But with an eye to future significance of eco-friendly, sustainable products, Walmart is creating a panel of scholars, supplier and environmental groups to set standards and rankings for labeling products that will possibly impact all retailers.

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