Breast Exploitation: Getting Something Off My Chest.

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cleavagePersonally I would never set foot in a “breastaurant.” But Hooters and other dining establishments continue on exploiting women’s bodies with well-endowed waitresses serving cleavage along with the meal. No doubt sex sells, but I have to say it makes me sad that women put themselves out there in this way.

I caught one of the latest Kardashian shows while channel surfing last night. Is it me or do they seem to baring even more these days? I know they have reputations to uphold with their bombshell bodies, but when you have to resort to taping your clothes to your chest to avoid wardrobe malfunctions maybe you’ve gone a bit far.

Then there is the Winter Olympics with its show of skin. Sure athletes have beautiful bodies and they should from all of the years of training, but should their bodies be flaunted sexually? Nike tastefully celebrated women’s bodies a few years ago for their power and grace. My favorite was on of a female athlete’s butt and how it was big and round and invited the viewer to “kiss it.” It shouted empowerment.

nike-butt-real-addove-campaign-for-real-beauty-2We need more female creative directors in the media and advertising agencies to help make change on this front. We need more Nike and Dove campaigns that portray women as strong, real and confident. We all want change for women in boardrooms and in politics. We cringe at the indecencies that are thrust upon women and young girls such as sex trafficking, abuse and prostitution.

But we all need to take a stand start by teaching our daughters to respect themselves. I know I have had that conversation with my daughter when she had intended to go out dress more provocatively than I thought she should. “What message do you think you are sending when you dress that way?” She went back and changed her clothes. However now she is in college and I notice there is a trend to go out on campus with decorated bras. No wonder there is violence against young women on campuses.

We need to say no when we see campaigns depicting us this way. We, as a gender, can use our voices, social media and technology to come together and put our foot down and just say no. It starts with us, ladies.

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  1. Dove has done a wonderful job of portraying real women – the kind that really buy their products. Yes there definitely should be more campaigns like this from other companies!

    Bicultural Mama
  2. I think there are two issues here and they are not the same thing. In one breath we’re talking about showing too much skin, in the next we’re talking about real portrayals of women.

    I will point out that the much-lauded Dove campaign featured naked women and women in their underwear. So is the complaint about showing too much skin or the need to show more skin that we can identify with?

    There’s no doubt that women are exploited in media and that some women flaunt themselves to take advantage of this opportunity. But I don’t think the problem is a need for modesty, as much as a need for reality. In my opinion, the incessant need to cover our bodies only serves to exacerbate the problem. The mystery of clothing has served to over-sexualize body parts, thus leading to the such foolhardy debates such as whether women should be allowed to breastfeed in public.

    I post this not to be argumentative because you know I agree with you in principle, Holly. But I do think you have presented two distinct issues in this post that deserve to be treated separately.

    Thanks for stimulating my brain this morning.

    Bob Knorpp
    Host of The BeanCast

    Bob Knorpp

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