Bum Wipes and Toilet Paper Fashion


tpImagine my surprise when I came home from work and found this big package waiting for me. I was dying of curiosity, as I knew I hadn’t ordered anything. What was inside?

“Bum wipes and toilet paper!”

photo 2At least that is what I’d seen them called on TV. I had been sent a package of bum wipes and two different kinds of toilet paper from Cottonelle, one of the sponsors of Strut The Fashionable Mom Show. After all, you need to be super clean to be a super model. And take a look at the Cottonelle model sporting a dress made out of toilet paper. LOL!

One set of toilet paper was for gentle care and had soothing aloe and vitamin E and the other was 30% stronger and had ripples. So my bottom needs vitamins? The extra softness must come in handy when one is suffering from a bout of the rotavirus (aka diarrhea).

And I can only guess the ripples help you wipe up things better. The scientists must have a hay day developing and testing these products: “This is a sh*tty wipe…keep working, guys.” And I have visions of the focus group testing for this as they sent people into bathrooms across America to wipe their butts and report back.

The third thing in the box was a canister of butt wipes similar to baby wipes, but for adults.

HPAnd Cottonelle says you need a bathroom routine! I’m not talking taking the magazine in or a book you take with you. I’m talking bum wipes and toilet paper combination. Used in tandem your derrière can be clean and fresh as a daisy, leaving you confident and ready to face anything–like a walk down the catwalk. So I tried them in combo. I look confident, right? The wet wipes are a whole different feeling. But you are clean as a whistle. And the toilet paper is soft as a baby’s bottom and definitely premium. The kids at my daughter’s college would love this Cottonelle line. The toilet paper is so rough at Syracuse some of the boys carry personal rolls with them from class to class.

Everything is flushable and none of the Cottonelle products are made from recycled products. And the price wasn’t bad when I checked Wal-mart: 24 rolls of Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper and 2 tubs of Fresh Care wipes was $16.13.

So put your worries about cleanliness behind you. We can all have happy butts now.

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