Burn 39,000 Calories A Year Using A Standing Desk

standing desk

I just bought a contraption to create a standing desk. In fact, I’m writing this piece while standing and writing.

After hip surgery almost a year ago, I find my hip still bothers me. I have a chronic case of hip flexor tendonitis and sitting for 10 hours a day working on a laptop doesn’t help my situation as it keeps my hip flexors in constant inflexion. A co-worker recommended this portable stand as an option for turning my desk into a standing desk. And this standing desk is apparently good for reading or working in bed, which is a favorite pastime of mine.

I bought the “Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk/Stand/Table Vented w/CPU Fans Mouse Pad Side Mount-Notebook-Macbook-Light Weight Ergonomic TV Bed Lap Tray Stand Up/Sitting-Black” gizmo off Amazon.

I stood about two and half hours yesterday broken up over different time periods. And whether it’s a psychological thing or an actual result, I did think my hip felt better. I like that standing makes you have better posture than my usual less than great seated posture. I was also in sneaker type shoes, not even the slightest heel, which I imagine might be a different story.

Sitting has been linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and has a caused a trend in standing desks or exercise balls. My office tends to drink lots of water so they are forced to get up and move with bathroom trips. We also have a ping pong table that comes in handy when we feel the need to get some circulation going. CNN just ran a story this year where they studied whether sitting actually could be linked to the diseases above. The results pretty much pointed out that we need to move more and be less sedentary and standing desks don’t exactly get us to move more. Although when the office music hits me my standing desk has me already on my feet ready to bust a move. LOL!

This portable solution is pretty to assemble. In fact, all you have to do is push a series of buttons and set them to a prescribed angle. If you like there is an attachment for a mouse, but I use it as a place for my smartphone, which is usually charging while attached to my laptop. The stand also has two fans to cool your laptop while it’s sitting on the stand.

It’s not the sturdiest contraption. But I find when my hands are resting on the keyboard, the weight of my hands and the laptop balance things. You definitely have to be careful using this. But at $49 it’s well worth the investment. I figure if I really love standing I can do a little more investigating for a sturdier, more stable solution. I’ve been eyeing the Varidesks but they start at $400. Varidesk also sells a pad with cushioning for your poor feet.

If you’re looking to burn a few calories, the BBC did a study and standing burns a whole 50 calories an hour versus sitting. So, my three hours a day, five days a week adds up to 39,000 calories over the course of a year. Not a bad extra benefit, is it?

For other options, check out this Wiki Ezvid review of seven stands.

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