Calling All Fashion and Beauty Bloggers!


Make upDo you love fashion and beauty?

My daughter likes to say I didn’t have style before she came along. LOL! But I have to admit she has gotten me to be a bit braver about things. I was not born with the gene that makes it easy to know exactly what works and how to put a look together. And makeup? I’ve been wearing basically the same look forever. And how confusing is it when one person tells you never to wear eyeliner and another says you need it?

Well, I’m sure by now you all know I work for Collective Bias. We work with directly with brands and have a growing community of bloggers called Social Fabric that we connect to brands they love. And we’re looking for bloggers who love and adore beauty and fashion.

Check out this fabulous video by Diane Mizota. I love this video. And even if you aren’t interested in applying, you should watch it as it’s a great example of how to do a video.

And if you’re interested, you can apply here. We’d love to have you part of our community.

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