Can Consumers and Companies Actually Work Together?


Consumers work with CompaniesWomen, shopping and chatting have been simultaneous since we humans crawled from the rocks and discovered the first flea market.  There probably hasn’t been a comedian that has left the subject untouched or a modern husband that hasn’t griped about one of the three.  But the truth is, this trifecta is a seriously powerful source in our society and when harnessed properly a force to be reckoned with, not joked about.

MOMentumNation, has always been a company that believes in the power of social change and also social media. MOMentum Nation can always be seen chatting over the back fence of the internet about everything from raising kids, to politics, to power of the twenty first century mom.

Recently, however, MOMentum Nation fans, writers and advocates were chatting about something else.  MOMentum Nation has joined the Collective Bias family!  What does this mean for the future of MOMentum Nation and Collective Bias?  How are Collective Bias and MOMentum working to create a more thoughtful shopper? After all I know of no woman who wants to be reduced to gossip and shopping, so how is the relationship between MOMentum and Collective Bias going to help us dig deeper in the powerful  social connections and influences women have across the world through social media and the powerful economic influence they have through their purchase power?

It is the vision of MOMentum Nation and Collective Bias that through the Collective Bias micro publishing channels, women and mothers will be able to voice their opinions about products and offer feedback that will ultimately help shape the kinds of products available and the causes supported by companies. This is the seed of nonfiction storytelling that is at the heart of online networking and shopping. Women aren’t chatting just to be neighborly. Women are chatting because they care about, not only the price and quality of the product, but how socially responsible a company is.  Does a company recycle? What social causes are they supporting? What political movements are they involved in?  This transparency is crucial to being a successful company in the 21st century and it’s information than any savvy consumer wants to know.  How do we decide what medicines to use, what books to read to our kids, what foods to feed to our children.

All of this knowledge can be shared in a large collective melting pot and then disseminated with the pace of the internet right to the person that needs it most in that second.  What an amazing way to harness technology, create smarter consumers and ultimately build companies that care more about the world.

Could a time come when consumers and companies are actually working with one another, instead of against one another?  It seems likely that with these kinds of social influences happening across the internet, that many people will benefit from both sides of the arguement.  Companies will have new information to help drive sales and women will be using the power of our consumerism to help make the world a little bit better.  With every click, with every purchase with power of women in the market place and in social media becomes a little more clear.


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