Can the Circle of 6 App Stop Violence on Campus?

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My daughter went off to college last year and I haven’t stopped worrying. Some of my worrying is her fault.

She sometimes calls me and asks me to stay on the phone while she walks from the library back to the dorm late at night…because she’s afraid. And if she is afraid, then I am afraid for her.

Or she goes dark and I don’t hear from her for days. And while that is a great sign that she’s getting independent, we’re very close so not hearing from her is very unusual. Call me crazy mom…if I don’t hear from her I generally shoot her a text asking, “Are you alive?” Likewise if she doesn’t hear from me, she’ll call. Last time she had the nerve to say, “You’re getting old mom so I was worried.

Add to it the fact that Syracuse is a big campus with somewhere around 30,000 students, which means lots of opportunity for something to happen. And on college campuses all over the U.S. you hear stories of abuse, bullying and incidents. In fact, one in four college women are sexually assaulted.

Then I was told about Circle of 6.

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Circle of 6 was developed to help college kids alert their circle of friends when they need help. With Circle of 6, they can connect with their friends to stay close, stay safe or even prevent violence before it happens. Circle of 6 is an app for iPhone and Android makes it quick and easy to reach the 6 friends you choose. And it only takes two taps to let them know you need help. I so want my daughter to have this on her phone. Using GPS, it lets your circle know where you are and how they can help using icons. It’s incredibly fast and easy-to-use. And if you are the parent of a college kid, you know they will like that it’s also private. The app is the winner of the White House HSS Apps Against Abuse Challenge and won the Institute of Medicine/Avon Foundation for Women “End Violence @ Home” Challenge awards.

Imagine a date that goes wrong, or a situation where your child had too much too drink or worse. The app can also connect your child to national emergency hotlines.

Actually I think this would be a great app for any woman. I’ve been in experiences where I’ve been followed or been afraid of a neighborhood I was in. It would be a great comfort to know that it would only take a couple of taps to call in my back ups.


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  1. This looks like a very good app to have. Wish we had something like this when we were in college. We didn’t even have cell phones. If we needed someone to walk us at night we had to use a pay phone and hoped the other person was around to pick up. I hope your daughter downloads this app!

    Bicultural Mama

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