Chef Boyardee launches Club Mum…another Mom community











Yet another brand seeking to connect with Moms, Chef Boyardee just launched Club Mum this week.

Yet another site, built for Moms to share experiences, tips and to meet other Moms.

Yet another site which has selected influencer Moms to jumpstart the community.

Yet another site featuring TV spots as video content.

Do Moms need another community site?

The site is themed around the whole idea of “secrets” and Mums being the word when it comes to trade secrets. What are the trade secrets? They’re our secrets for getting our children to eat healthier and consume more vegetables. I must admit the whole idea of secrets feels a little off. The Social Media Mom of today is not about secrets. She’s loves sharing her knowledge, expanding her knowledge and meeting Moms she can relate to. It just feels a bit clichéd and not authentic.

• The site invites you to come back for new secrets. Why?

• There is no call to action beyond the typical social sharing features.

• The site is very content light at this point.

• There are no contests, games or challenges to engage the audience.

• There are no coupons to encourage purchase and trial.

• If a Mum wants product information, she has to leave the site.

• In fact, there are 4 opportunities to leave the site: Chef Boyardee, parentdish, “that’s fit and AOL links.

Quite frankly, there are so many existing Mom sites out there to choose from with rich information, robust communities and interesting content, I would be surprised many Moms will return to this site without a serious injection of content and engagement features. Even the Chef Boyardee Facebook presence is light.

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