Children’s Rights from a Classroom in Dubai

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delivering notes NepalThere is nothing that will tug on your heart more than children learning about children around the world. I have had the unique opportunity two years in a row of working with children in Dubai. These are children who attend Ajman Academy in Ajman, UAE and some are children of royal blood. They have enough food to eat, families that love them, a roof over their heads that is not a piece of tin or thatched roof and they attend a private school.














I think it’s so important for children to learn that there are children in need. These are the future voices of the world who can help bring about change. My children worked soup kitchens and often brought food to homeless people. And as they got older they helped fundraise for important issues. I hope they continue to do so into adulthood. We, as parents, set the stage with our own children and what we teach them.

I met the teacher Heather Barnard on Twitter. She had seen some of the work I’ve done with Shot@life. She asked if I would talk to her class of seven and eight year old students over Skype. I couldn’t resist even though I had to get up at an ungodly hour in the morning. The children came with questions and politely waited their turn. After they created artwork and videos based on what they’d learned. And I’ve put them up on Pinterest. They also wrote notes that were delivered to a classroom in Nepal.

10255498_10154073584385187_1787846643736737676_nNot only did I love the experience, I loved this way of teaching children. It combined teaching as I knew it as a kid and technology and social media.

32f3e57ef14cd69e5d915b942324c70eDid you know?
Every day 18,000 children around the world under the age of five die from preventable causes: malnutrition, unsafe water, vaccine preventable diseases, malaria, sex trafficking and exploitation. 

Please comment on the children’s work.
Give a child a priceless thrill. Please share and comment on their work. I ask not to increase MOMentum’s following or engagement, but to interact with the children. Imagine their excitement from hearing from people all over the U.S and other parts of the world. Let them know how important these issues are and encourage them to continue to use their voices.

The children’s work is on Pinterest here.


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  1. Every child deserves to be loved and not have their childhood stolen from them. This art is so beautiful! GREAT job!!!

    Courtney RV Lawless
  2. This is such a great mission and seriously, bless you for waking up at an ungodly hour to talk to these kids. Art is a wonderful way to express what cannot always be said in words, or to enhance the words that they represent. I’m running out to comment on the photos now!

    Summer Davis

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