Deli meat brands meet social media and Moms head on.










Hoping to reach Moms, two different companies selling deli meats have launched new social media campaigns.

Sara Lee “Saga Solver” campaign
Targeting moms with a campaign centered on helping Moms simplify their lives, Sara Lee Deli has launched the “Saga Solver” social media campaign. The campaign follows the initial “Mama Saga” campaign started in 2009.

Spots cover “How to stop being a short order cook” “How to Fix A Broken Sandwich” for a total of 6 videos. Sara Lee hopes to help Moms by educating and entertaining her. But don’t look for it on their website unless you look for the PR release. You’ll find the videos on their Facebook fan page under a video tab. You can also find the videos on YouTube and Yahoo!Video. Second City Communications, the business arm of Second City Theater, created the videos and start by featuring a Mom who was the former host of the Food Network’s “Calling All Cooks” show. Nowhere on the Facebook page can you find an opportunity to post your own Mommy Saga Solver or a way to add to the tips and tricks page. It’s a shame since it was a missed opportunity to truly leverage social media’s strength by providing an opportunity for engagement.

Land O’ Frost “Land O’ Moms” campaign
Joining the long list of companies looking to connect with Moms online, with the launch of Land O’Moms, Land O’ Frost is hoping to connect with Moms through their new community site. The site features recipes, coloring pages, coupons and articles, as well as, three mommy bloggers as brand ambassadors. Jennifer James, the founder of the Mom Bloggers Club; Rachel Matthews, who writes a blog called A Southern Fairytale and has worked for brands like Old Navy and Velveeta; and Audrey McClelland, a founder of the blog who has worked for brands like Hanes, Hasbro and Johnson & Johnson.

The site very much feels like a website and not a community site. In fact, you would hardly know it’s a community site except for the headline telling you it is. The focus is on recipes and a coupon download opportunity, not the community dialogue. And the overall look feel very much like a brand website. And the Facebook fan page has postings from the landomoms.con site, but that’s about it.

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