Delivering A Mom: How Today’s New Moms Learn, Decide & Buy. New study from What To Expect.








What To Expect, the quintessential bible of all expectant Moms, has just published a study about new Moms titled “Delivering A Mom: How Today’s New Moms Learn, Decide & Buy.”

Many studies have shown that motherhood triggers a whole new dimension of technology adoption and that social media usage skyrockets as she reaches out to the internet and her social graph to find answers, information, and camaraderie. I feel ancient when I think that my son was born before the internet was even born. How did all of us get through the early stages of Motherhood without our peers for help? Today is a very different world for a new Mom.

Just think:
36% of Moms do not live in a traditional family
20% of Moms were not born or raised in the US bringing cultural influences to bear
59% of the Moms said they regularly plan activities for themselves
She will use any technology available to help her enhance her role as a Mom

“These confident moms are looking for marketers that match their enthusiasm. Mirror her confidence and openness in your marketing message. Know that she wants to share her experiences—especially in the social network arena and community realm,” said the study.

The study has these tips for marketers:
• She has a need for time management tools
• The right messaging is all important
• Avoid stereotypical images of Mom…she’s confident and in charge
• Keep cultural differences in mind
• Give her easy access to events and experiences respect her as an educated, confident woman
• Promotions and programs that put her in the spotlight will continue to win her favor.
• Her personal needs and development are very important to her.
• She’s a heavy user of Smartphones and Twitter but you have to give her a reason to use them.

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