Depriving Your Kids of Internet Is Not A Solution.



Are you one of those paranoid parents that are always worried about their kids’ internet premiere? Well, you definitely ought to be worried, but not paranoid about it. Of course there are many hidden issues lurking behind the beautiful façade we have come to know as the World Wide Web, but in all honesty, all of these issues come with manageable solutions. For parents the used escape mechanism involves banning anything and everything that poses a threat to their off spring. However, that is not the solution; in fact, research suggests this will only make their entrance into this virtual world more hazardous. With increased technological interventions, there have come new ways that can help parents protect their kids from internet hazards like spying applications. Such software has the capacity to keep your kids internet usage in check and not let them abuse their liberties. Here’s how monitoring applications like TheOneSpy can help parents allow limited access to their kids:

Keep a thorough check on their internet usage

Banning internet for your kids will most likely make them rebellious. Also why ban it now when you know they will eventually be using it soon. However, rather than banning it, you can use monitoring applications to thoroughly check their internet usage. Here are a few ways you can go about doing this:

  1. Have unlimited access into their Search history. Moreover, an online drive saves a copy as well for later viewing.
  2. You can add different filters to block unwanted sites and advertisements from opening up.
  3. You can also add time checks and timers to make sure that your kids are not spending too much time online and are also involved in other healthy physical activities.

Have remote access into their gadgets

Having remote access into the target gadgets of your kids makes it easy for you to have full time access into them without being physically present. This means you don’t have to worry about missing work or other important appointments and meetings just to babysit your kids’ internet usage. Remote access helps parents:

  1. Install, and uninstall different applications which are not age appropriate or breach personal information.
  2. You can also remotely update the monitoring application without the kids ever finding out.
  3. Remote access allows you access into all the important areas of the gadget including the control panel.

Track their social media usage

Social media has become the heart and soul of every kid’s existence. There is not a kid in the world you will find that is not actively using social media. However, it has also become an open hub for many criminal activities to take place including child kidnappings, cyber bullying, online predators etc. In spite of this, you can keep an eye on your kids’ social media usage through monitoring applications. These applications allow you remote access into the kids’ profiles so that you can check:

  1. People who they are in contact with
  2. People who have tried contacting them
  3. Amount of personal information shared online
  4. Multimedia shared online
  5. Forums and chat rooms they are a part of

Check emails and other communication channels

Today you will find kids always engrossed in their smart phones. And why shouldn’t they be. After all, it is the era of communication technology. However, kids are innocent and can be taken advantage of easily. You can rarely make out who is on the other end of these communication channels hence most predators are known to manipulate their victims easily through these channels. Hence, it is important that parents take increased interest and go through all the conversations taking place in these. Such channels include:

  1. Emails
  2. IMs
  3. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other messengers

Basically the monitoring applications like TheOneSpy application have the ability to extract data from these chats and store them on an online cloud for you to go over. These online clouds are being updated all the time hence; the kids have little to no room to get rid of chats they wouldn’t want someone to look at.


Depriving your kids of the internet is definitely not a solution. It may be a temporary solution but will have severe repercussions for later on. It is important that you have a solid relationship with your kid if you want them to grow up with a strong understand of the pros and cons of the internet. Kids today are smart, so if you do ban the internet for them, chances are they will find a way to get on it regardless.



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