Design Your Own Condom to Show You Care About Women’s Contraception Rights

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One of the things I love about Global Poverty Project is the bold and innovative ways they go about raising money and awareness for different and very important issues. I’ve personally lived on $1.50 a day for their Live Below The Line campaign against poverty. And last summer they threw and enormous concert in Central Park. This time they are working with ONE® and Female Health Company® and asking you to design a women’s condom in support of women’s rights to contraception. The campaign is called, “It takes two.”

Female Condom Campaign

Every year hundreds of young girls around the world become pregnant against their will which keeps them from getting the education they need to support themselves and their family. Add to this the lack of access to health care and far too often these young women are further victimized–a woman dies every 90 seconds, every day from pregnancy and pregnancy related complications.

The female contraception could give millions of women worldwide a choice and the right to choose the life they want to lead. Studies show young women given the opportunity to stay in school lead healthier lives and have a huge impact on the wealth of their family, community and their country.

“When women do not have access to contraceptive services and information, or they are actively denied information and services, it is a violation of their human rights,” said Hugh Evans, CoFounder and CEO of The Global Poverty Project. “222 million women in the developing world lack access to modern contraception. Of these, most live in the world’s poorest countries and lack basic information about sexual and reproductive health.”

So show your design skills!

DESIGN your own condom wrapper on Global Citizen, and make it your Facebook header. You can also vote on the best designs. The TOP 20 will get produced! And who knows you might win free condoms along the way. If you don’t trust your design skills, you can sign the petition in support.


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