Did you know that 88% of all laundry is done by mom? Not in this Big Fuel video.


Moms do about 330 loads of laundry a year. But how many of you know that moms find a sense of calm and happiness when everything is clean–the clothes and the home? It’s true. Just ask a mom.

This video for Clorox, a client of Big Fuel, is anything but calm. While mom is away, three dads take on the kids with a food fight of sorts that would make any mom cringe. Mom’s worst stain nightmares of soy sauce, grape juice, and more is sprayed in a water gun battle. But will mom find out what they were up to? You’ll have to watch the video to see.

TODAY ONLY. An opportunity for bloggers to win a washer/dryer and a year’s worth of cleaning supplies:

Woman Freebies is hosting a one-day Clorox contest today Wednesday, September 7. Details and the rules can be found here.

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