Divorce in the Digital Age and Peace on Earth

cut paper ornamentsThis morning, I spoke with a friend of mine who was recently divorced. She told me that this would be her first Christmas without her two girls. No frenzy at 6am tearing open gifts, no satisfaction that comes as we start to gather up wrappings and bows for the trash.  Instead, she would be alone with her tree and her dog.

I once heard someone say that “expectation is the thief of happiness” and, while I agree, I would also add that distraction can be just as much of a joy kill, but maybe a bit more insidious, creeping upon us as we take on our world of errands, drama, and technology.

It used to be that many of us would shop to distract ourselves.  Drive the car, find a spot, browse, try on, sample, and buy.  Or watch TV (which is my biggest life drain: turn it on and I am sucked in for 2 hours, minimum). But digital might just be worse, as we obsessively check emails and texts with the expectation that something new, great, and exciting will transform our lives.

What happened to just experiencing quiet? Stillness?  Or better yet, discomfort? We can learn so much by just acknowledging our feelings about something, figuring out what’s creating a negative feeling and then letting it go.

So for this holiday, put down the smart phone. turn off the TV, unplug the Xbox, if only for a few moments.  Look at the tree and pet the dog.  Leave the bows and trash for later.

And see, really see, what it feels like to be connected to something beyond wires and cell towers.

Here’s to Peace on Earth.

Christmas ornament

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