Do You Know What Your Kids Are Watching On YouTube?

Do You Know What Your Kids Are Watching On YouTube?

As a parent, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself many times, “What are my kids watching on YouTube?” Guilty of falling down the rabbit hole myself, children are even more susceptible to spending hours and hours on YouTube. Family Zone, an app parents can use to block or reduce time on websites, reported that children under the age of eight are spending 65 percent of their time on YouTube. How insane is that?

I recently ran across this terrific article on Common Sense Media and Caroline Knorr, parenting editor really spells out what your kid could be watching from unboxing videos, gaming videos to music videos. After you read this piece you’ll totally understand why the Insight Strategy Group found that 75 percent of kids think YouTube is way cooler than TV.insight-kids-infographic

What do your kids watch?

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