Does Google+ need Moms to go mainstream?










Experian Hitwise released a report on Google+ and shared it was heading towards mainstream. But SocMetrics just released their study that shows a different picture. Moms are far less engaged on Google+ than they are on Facebook and Twitter.

Granted Google+ is fairly new, but I think Google+ is going to need the power of the social mom to get there. There are 82 million moms across the US and control $2.5 trillion in annual spending in the US economy.

According to Forrester, going online is practically a requirement for being a mom. A full 90.3% of women with children under 18 access the internet from any location at least once a month, compared to 76.3% of all adult females. By 2014, more than 93% of moms will be regular online users, according to eMarketer estimates.

Social moms find the internet and social networking an essential part of getting things done, grabbing the information they need to make decisions or just for socializing.

According to Maria Bailey, moms spend more time online daily than the general population, crossing the 2.5 hour threshold in 2011.  Plus, these moms are:

• Highly active on Facebook, with 62% of American mothers having a profile on the popular social networking service.

• 89% of Power Moms have recommended a product to friends and family on Facebook

• 82% of mothers have purchased a product based on a recommendation on Facebook or Twitter

Moms are pretty entrenched in their Facebook and Twitter, so the question is whether these moms have time for yet another social networking platform. Between motherhood, their blogs, twitter, Facebook and all of their networking, do or will they find the time to adopt another social channel? Many of these moms in addition, have businesses to run either out of the home or in the home. The number one thing all moms wish they had more of is time. I spoke to a few who said they don’t have time to figure it out and complained that Google doesn’t want businesses using it yet.

I believe these moms are important to Google + success. Now some will argue they like having a space where no mom should go. But moms truly do rule the social web and drive so much content creation, conversation and have a hand in pushing technology.

So what should Google+ do to win us all over?

Maria Bailey’s Power Moms: The New Rules for Engaging Mom Influencers Who Drive Brand Choice

One Response to “Does Google+ need Moms to go mainstream?”

  1. All the moms I know live by Facebook – this is how we share pictures of our kids and stay sane (if you’re a SAHM). A lot use Twitter, too, and it’s true that we listen to the recommendations of other moms. I’ve heard of Google+, but really don’t know much about it. I’m so entrenched in Facebook and so are my mom friends – s0 we need to have good reasons to make the switch – but if we don’t know what those reasons are, then we aren’t going to take the trouble to switch over from Facebook.

    Bicultural Mama

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