Don’t forget I’m not just a Mom.


Why is it that once you become a Mom that becomes your main descriptor? I am so much more than just a Mom. Sometimes it’s even said as if it it’s a dirty word. Mom. Eew! If I get crazy and act silly, my kids say that’s gross and to “Stop it”. Single friends stop asking you to do things because as a “Mom” you supposedly have no life. Which is partly true, since as a Mom you have so many more duties thrust upon you. You didn’t start dressing like a Mom, did you?

Moms aren’t supposed to be able to text, Skype, have Facebook pages or watch inane videos on YouTube. You are supposed to be cleaning, cooking, helping with homework, walking the dog and more. I’m not even allowed to dance in my house let alone sing. So I do it at the office and everyone there thinks I”m strange but hey, so are they which is why we’re such a great company and do so well in the social media space. Oops, side tracked with a blatant plug for Big Fuel. Sorry.

If I were to get hit by a bus, my tombstone would probably say “Loving Mother”. I want a bigger tombstone. I want it to say Inventor, Chef, Aerialist, Connoisseur of the Written Word, and Social Media Matriarch, just to name a few.

But my point is you can read statistics and peruse studies on marketing to women but we all need to remember we’re not numbers and stats. We’re complex beings with lots of interests. We’re not just on the Internet to do research, chat with friends and get stuff done using tools men have invented for us. We’re fulfilling an emotional need for camraderie, amusing ourselves and escaping daily life. Here are some of the rules, I live by.

1. Keep it real. Moms want sincerity, not marketing speak. Talk to us, not at us. I don’t even mind when a company tells me something I don’t want to hear as long as their honest.

2. Incorporate listening. Women want to be heard and they want feedback. Even if what you have to say isn’t what we want to hear. I once spoke to an auto insurance company about rates. They told me they couldn’t do better than with what I had and I was even covered for things they didn’t offer. I’d consider approaching them again when the need arises, just because they were so unexpectedly honest.

3. Show be afraid to show emotion. Many times we stay so fact based, women can relate to emotional connections. It’s why there are so many women stories generated on the web. Put yourself in her shoes and imagine what she is thinking and feeling. Connect emotionally and then she’ll be more receptive to the facts.

4. Make it clear. Women don’t make snap decisions. We evaluate. We ask our friends. We do research. We mull. Abiguity makes up suspicious and turns us off.

5. Understand we’re not one big homogenous group. Sure there are commonalities.There are many different kinds of women.

6. Provide value. Be relevant. Be useful. Give us something to share and make it easy for us to share. Understand how you fit in our lives.

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