Don’t Let Your Kids Become Smartphone Zombies


Zombie ChildeIn our technologically wired age, our kids have become hooked with their mobile devices. And as parents, our greatest fear is the risks brought by over exposure to technology. The only way that we can ensure they will not become a smartphone zombie is by managing their mobile device usage. Here are simple tips on how you can avoid it:

Use Apps

As the saying goes, “fight fire with fire!”  The easiest step that you can do is to install mobile device management apps on their smartphones or tablets. One of these is the Kytephone. This parental control app allows you to set a daily time limit, filter what they can browse and check their current location.

Write a contract and let them sign it

A Huffington Post article discussed about a mom who gave her son an iPhone with usage rules listed on a contract. Because of so many good iPhone plans out there like the ones from O2, it is really is enticing to have one. But because of that, kids have forgotten the responsibilities that come along with having a smartphone. Contracts with a good set of rules gives your kids a feeling that this is pretty serious and that they really need to follow what was written there. This written agreement also sets a good example for parents of the kind of rules they need to impose. It would be better if you would make your own list so that they will know that you really made an effort. Remember to keep it simple and sweet but serious. Don’t make it look like those super long online contracts that nobody reads.

Manage their mobile device, kids are willing anyway

In a survey about mobile safety, 90% of kids really want their devices to be managed by their parents. However, only 66% of them have their parents consent. Since the kids themselves are asking you to lay down some rules on what to do with their gadgets, go ahead and do it.  Set it to them while they are still young. It’easier to start it earlier than later.

Apart from apps, set a significant time on when they can use the tablet or smartphone. The most ideal time to allow them in using the device is after they’re done with their assignments or when they did a good job in clearing the dishes.

Have a chat with your kids about mobile safety

The same survey revealed that 38% of children do not talk about these issues with their parents. The bad thing about it is that parents are unaware about their children’s online activities.  Their common intuitions about the situations are they can handle it on their own and that their folks won’t even understand. But the reality of the matter is, they really can’t do it and they need your advice on how to handle these problems. So make sure that every once in a while, you talk to them about their daily life.

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