Don’t Miss The Puppy Bowl X Experience at Discovery Times Square!

Puppy Bowl X











I so wanted to go to the Puppy Bowl. This is one of Collective Bias’ clients and I was not compensated for this–I did this because I love puppies and this magic carpet.

The invite had me at the word “puppy.”

I love dogs! And who doesn’t love puppies. So when I heard the Puppy Bowl X was coming to Times Square to celebrate the 10th anniversary with Discovery I had to squeeze time to go over and see the puppies. I was warned that I might fall in love with one and walk out with a new dog, but fortunately the puppies were all already spoken for. Whew!

If you’re a New Yorker, you have to go to the Puppy Bowl X!













This event is fun for kids and adults and I had a blast. You walk in through the locker room and immediately I coveted one of the jerseys for my own dog. He’s often mistaken for a girl so a football jersey would definitely help him get his manhood on.











There’s so much to do. First I stopped at the Samsung Puppy Kiss Cam to get me some puppy love and toss a few Frisbees. I wasn’t very good but they awarded me with a portable pop-up puppy bowl that will come be a great thing to have on hand this summer when Pepper and I are out on long walks.












Once my nose was properly slobbered, I headed over to me “Mo” and get me some paw. Mo is the official mascot of Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet, the king of resistance to puppy whizzing and “presents” they inevitably leave. And check out this cute video of the little guy who cops a squat right in the Puppy Bowl Stadium. Thank goodness the field is actually Mohawk SmartStrand carpet.



I was given samples of Mohawk carpeting and threw everything I could at it: catsup, soy sauce, red wine and more and they all magically came off with just water. And the stain of all stains: cranberry and grape juice! I even let it sit on the carpet for five minutes…but it all came clean. It’s the only carpet with built-in stain and soil protection that never washes or wears off. If only Mohawk made kid’s clothing!

Mild detergent or plain, old water is all it will take. It was an easier trick to pull off then actually teaching your dog a new trick. Trust me. I just taught my dog his right paw from his left, but I had to throw out the carpet in my son’s room a few months back. Now I have nothing but bare flooring in that room because my dog had chosen his room as the place to be a bad boy. Pepper ruined the carpet despite my cleaning his accidents right away. And if you’re a dog owner you know that once they’ve found “their spot” they find it over and over again. This magic carpet is a dog owner’s new best friend.

MOhawk_PuppyBowl_Sponsor_logo_lowWatch the Puppy Bowl X during The Game
If you can’t get to the Puppy Bowl at the Discovery Times Square and you need to catch it during the Big Game. It’s a dog-eat-dog free for all of hilarity. Mohawk Flooring is the official sponsor of Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl X and the Puppy
Bowl will be airing during the Big Game on Sunday, February 2nd. You’ll love it, paws down.

Help Mo’s puppy friends get adopted with a simple “like.”
“Like” the Mohawk Flooring Unleashed Carpet Challenge page on Facebook and Mohawk will donate $2 to Petfinders to help Mo’s adorable puppy friends find new homes. It only takes a second!

And if you make it to the Puppy Bowl at Discovery Times Square, be sure to pick up a sample of the carpet. You can take it home and have fun staining it with your kids and washing it off with water. It surprised even my jaded teenage daughter.

Check out my friend Kathy Zucker’s review of Mohawk SmartStrand.

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  1. The Puppy Bowl looks like a lot of fun! I know my boys would love it! And holy moly! I need that carpet! Three little boys + one puppy = a whole lot of mess. I can’t believe it survived grape juice! #client


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