Downward Facing Dog on a Surfboard with Summer Sanders!


Summer SandersThere are so many new trends in fitness!

If you like a particular fitness like yoga, imagine combining it with a surfboard or with Pilates. Or spin class with elastic bands or combined with light weights. One of the trends today is to combo-fitness, which can allow you to stretch muscles at the same time you strengthen them.

So if you’re at a loss for staying or getting in shape, Summer Sanders just launched her “Find Your Fitness” blog with MSN Healthy Living. Summer swam her way to being the most decorated U.S. swimmer with four medals – two gold, a silver and a bronze at the 1992 Olympic Games.

But even Olympian’s like Summer need inspiration and motivation for staying fit! And at age 40, she’s exploring new ways to exercise and stay in the amazing shape she is in. It’s so important to keep it up as your metabolism slows and your body changes. I remember thinking to myself, “What’s going on here? I’m working out and I don’t look like I used to?” Well, Summer is helping us stay on top of all the fitness trends to bring workout ideas that will surely going to fit your lifestyle. And you don’t have to be a pro athlete like Summer. “Find Your Fitness” is for gym rats and novices!

While I’m not sure there’s anywhere near NYC to practice a downward dog on a surfboard, I’d love to check out the Brooklyn Bootcamp as soon as I nurse a torn hamstring back to health. Benches and rails serve as convenient places to do tri-cep dips, step ups and push ups. Who needs a gym when you have the equipment you need and an amazing view from the Brooklyn Bridge?

Watch Summer’s videos for inspiration:

Brooklyn Bootcamp
Summer Sanders uses the Brooklyn Bridge as the backdrop for an awesome bootcamp workout.

Sup Yoga
Join Summer Sanders as she learns to perfect yoga forms and hone her balance using a standup paddle board as her yoga mat.

Who doesn’t want a dancer’s body?  Join Summer Sanders as she tried ballet barre for a high-intensity workout.

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  1. i can see summer sanders getting into a head to head oufield collision in a baseball game and being completely knocked out cold afterwards

    jack blair

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