Dr. Mom and Chief Medical Officer Will Love Kinsa, The World’s Smartest Thermometer


Kinsa Smart Thermometer mappingAs the resident Dr. Mom in my house, Kinsa, “the world’s smartest thermometer,” blew me away.  I use my iPhone for so many things besides checking email, sending out a tweet or searching the web. I have so many apps including ones for taking your heart rates or a stress test and have even gone as far as checking their accuracy while at the doctor by comparing them to traditional methods. And when you have kids in school, there always seems to be someone who is sick. My daughter has had bronchitis, numerous colds, a slight case of pneumonia this winter. We’ve taken her temperature a million times it seems.

To say it’s a mere thermometer would not be doing it justice. According to the brains behind Kinsa, the goal is “to create a real-time map of human health in order to track and stop the spread of illness (especially communicable illnesses).  We are doing this by providing consumers, especially parents, with a revolutionary first product: a smartphone-connected thermometer that not only tells you your temperature, but how to get better faster and avoid getting ill in the first place. The thinking behind the thermometer is simple:  Fever is an early indicator of illness. So to engage people who had just fallen ill — to give them the information they needed to get better faster and to collect information to map health.”

Imagine having a thermometer that doesn’t just tell you the temperature, but collects the data, can call a nurse and could forecast when you’re most likely contagious or apt to recover. You can record other symptoms and share the information with a doctor, family or a private group. The device will also give you access to information to help you get better faster.

But my words won’t do it justice. You have to watch the video.

TH+PKG+511_combined-1The Kinsa is waiting on FDA approval which should come later this year and in the meantime would love support from parents. They have an Indiegogo campaign running with a goal of raising $75,000.

So what do you think? I don’t have a fever, but I’m hot to get my hands on a Kinsa.

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