Engaging Moms through social media takes listening AND responding.








The beginning stage of uncovering an engagement point for connecting and engaging with your audience through social media all starts with listening. How well do you LISTEN? What is Mom talking about? What is she thinking about at 6am? But LISTENING is only half the equation. The other critical component is RESPONDING. After all, social media is all about a two-way dialogue.

One of the reasons social media has grown so rapidly is because companies are doing a poor job of listening to their consumer so they turned to their peers for answers. Here are a few ways, brands can engage Moms and participate in the dialogue.

Share the results of challenges and mini-surveys.
Moms like feedback. They like pie charts and graphs. It gives them perspective among their peers. And it makes them feel like you’re listening.

Thank her.
She likes recognition but go overboard or she won’t think it’s authentic and sincere. A simple thank you will go a long way. Donate to her cause. She’s more likely to pay attention to a brand committed to a cause.

Give her an instant gratification for becoming a Fan.
If she fans your brand, get her involved right away. Ask her opinion. Give her something of value like information–something worthy of passing along.

Provide testimonials and ask for one from her. Moms love hearing from other Moms.

Give her something fun once in a while. Moms like to have fun. Sure she uses the Internet to get information and converse, but she needs a little fun in her life. A brand that makes the experience enjoyable at the same time informative will win her heart.

Give her content to talk about. Invite participation. But don’t forget to join the discussion.

Help her share things she likes. Make sure you provide links to Facebook, Twitter, Digg and more. She likes to share. And always make sure she can forward to a friend.

Widgetize your brand. And customize it for her so the content and information is what she wants. She can place the widget where she finds it most convenient and your brand can be a part of her life. This can also save her time getting to information she wants and she will love that.

Use “Love and like” to send her more things similar that she might like or love. More often than not “love and like” are just opinions just sitting there on a page. But they’re also an opportunity for continuing the dialogue she started.

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