Eyeing 40 with glasses


Woman near Eye ChartIn the early 2000’s when I got LASIK surgery done on my eyes, the doctor forewarned, “Your new eyes will be good until you’re 40. Then everyone’s eyes start to go bad.”

It didn’t matter to me, because since third grade I had been strapped to glasses and then later to contacts. My eyes had regressed so badly over the years that my prescription hit -13.0 …essentially, I was blind. Like in the cartoons and movies, I had to feel around for my glasses in the morning. Sometimes I just could not find them.

After the LASIK surgery, to be free from glasses and contacts was liberating. In my younger years I traveled internationally a lot and loved not having to pack contact solution, contact cleaner, contact cases, glasses and an eyeglass case. When going out late with friends, I didn’t have to worry about contacts getting dried out in my eyes. Most of all, I had a sense of freedom and control– no longer did my extreme near-sightedness handicap me.

More recently, reading small print has proved more challenging. The 2’s look like 3’s which look like 6’s and 8’s…but in good lighting, I’m able to read these numbers without squinting too much.

When I mentioned my newfound dilemma to friends, they said, “Welcome to 40” and “Time to buy reading glasses.”

I don’t want reading glasses right now. I’ve already spent much of my life chained to Coke-bottle glasses. I’m a mother to a preschooler, and it just seems like a disconnect to wear reading glasses (which I associate with my grandmother) when physically and energetically I seem much younger than my age.

I reluctantly went to the eye doctor. I explained my long history of bad eyesight to the ophthalmologist. He was impressed that my LASIK lasted as long as it did given the severity of my near-sightedness. After the examination, he revealed, “Your eyesight isn’t too bad, you’re about 20/30 between the two eyes. Just use more light when reading small print and maybe in a few years you’ll need to buy reading glasses.”

Music to my ears – I’ll take a few more years glasses-free. I know I can’t fight Mother Nature, but I’ll put her off for as long as I can!

How have you dealt with Mother Nature taking its course?

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  1. I once had a Lasik provider as a client and all their clients said it was “life changing” to have lasik. I think your mentality of being young, free and active (life-embracing) is key to being young. And if you need cheater-readers…then you get some hot ones ;)


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