Facebook is for people I already know. Twitter is for people I want to meet.









I love Twitter. I know it’s wrong to love a channel, but I can’t help myself. I’ve fallen in love. It’s meant I’ve left Facebook a bit on the sidelines. I’m sorry, Facebook. But I, like so many Moms on Twitter, just love it for its’ immediacy. Face it, with a 140-character limit it fits our busy hectic lives.

Facebook is for people I already know. Twitter is for people I want to meet.

It’s not just a newsfeed. Although I love that an occasional scan lets me see what the world is talking about. I’ve met business partners, learned invaluable knowledge, met wonderful Moms and feel so much more connected to what’s happening in the world.

And I’m not alone. Moms like me love Twitter.*
• We check our feeds constantly
• We check it at all times of the day
• We use it to network
• We use it to learn about products
• 58% of us use smart phones to log onto Twitter
• We prefer it over Facebook if given a choice

In fact, I love Twitter so much I am bringing up my daughter to be a social media maven. She eats, sleeps fashion. I’ve taught her about Twitter, she has a Facebook fan page and YouTube channel.

A week ago or so I got an excited phone call from her. “Guess who is following me, Mom?” I was clueless. Of course, I’m a Mom…we know nothing. Sheesh! So she says, “The Doneger Group, “THE” resource for fashion trending.” I was still clueless but it didn’t matter. They sent her a direct message offering her an internship for next summer. I was a proud Twitter Mama. My daughter had discovered the beauty of Twitter–a business connection.

*2010 Marketing to Moms on Twitter Survey & Report by Lucid and Lisa Finn.

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