Family Refrigerator: How To Choose It Right


The kitchen is most often the focal point of a modern home, especially when it’s packed with hungry children on a never-ending hunt for chocolate. Among the many necessary appliances in a kitchen, the refrigerator has a special place in everyone’s heart, so you need to choose wisely when buying it. Here are a couple of tips that might help you choose the perfect one.

Calculate the perfect size

First of all, you need to decide how big you want your refrigerator to be as this aspect will narrow your choices down significantly. The rule of thumb is five cubic feet is usually enough for one person, so just multiply this with the number of people in your household and you’ll get the optimal size of your perfect refrigerator.
However, there’s another thing that determines the potential size as well – the available space in your kitchen. Large models can ruin the design of your cooking area and mess with the flow you’ve already established, so measure everything twice before deciding which refrigerator you’ll buy.

One of the best ways to find a refrigerator tailored your needs and your kitchen is to visualize it first – measure the space and determine its height, width and depth, and then imagine opening it and storing items inside. People generally forget about the doors and purchase a model they can’t open because they lack an inch or two, or, alternatively, opt for a refrigerator that doesn’t have enough storage space for their favorite items. That’s why picturing it in your head first is crucial.

Determine the type of storage you need

Not every family eats the same kinds of food, which means not every family is going to want the same kind of refrigerator. Based on your preferences, explore models with an adequate refrigerated to frozen compartments ratio. If your family prefers vegetables and fresh ingredients – and that’s something we all need – it’s important to get a model with more refrigerated space and a couple of extra drawers. Refrigerated space isn’t vital in this case, particularly if you insist on fresh food, so focus your search on an adequate top-mount model.

If, on the other hand, you prefer buying large amounts of food and freezing most of it, having a huge refrigerated space is a must. Buying in bulk is something else many modern families do to save money and because parents don’t have enough time to shop every single day. It’s important to take into consideration your family’s eating style before you buy any refrigerator.


Personalize your refrigerator with special features

Again, every family has different needs and what works for your neighbor doesn’t necessarily have to work for you. Your dietary regime defines the type of refrigerator you need, so search for ones with special items and features that suit you. For example, the new generation of Electrolux refrigerators comes with external water dispensers, a quick defrost option and crisper drawers with humidity control, which are great for keeping your vegetables and fruit fresh.

Another feature people love is ice service – having an ice maker in your refrigerator means you’ll be able to pack your drinks with ice in a matter of seconds. The same goes for water, too, and although this convenient feature does take some storage space, it still makes your life easier on a number of levels.

Certain state-of-the-art models even come with Wi-Fi connectivity and a companion app for your phone that allows you to monitor the power usage, receive alerts if the door is left open and program the fridge to take advantage of reduced nighttime power rates.

Take your time deciding.

Buying a refrigerator takes time, but the average refrigerator last 15 years or more so you want to choose the right one. The time and effort will be well spent when you find one that suits your entire family.

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