Femfresh Has a Message for You



Women have been portrayed inappropriately in society for years.  From taking care of the family, to cooking and cleaning, there is always a new stereotypical image that women are associated with. Social media is one way to spread those images.

The latest is from Femfresh, a UK based women’s hygiene brand.  Femfresh is telling women to have a nice smelling “froo froo.” They recently changed their cover photo on Facebook that included patronizing words for vagina, like “froo froo”, “kitty”, “nooni” and “lala”.

Marketing intimate products is obviously a difficult undertaking.  Most women don’t like to talk about their vaginas and now Femfresh is making it an embarrassing part of their body by the terminology they are choosing to use on their Facebook page. Plus, they are telling women to take away the natural smell of their vagina by using the their product.  This is making many women feel insecure about their bodies.

It’s no surprise Femfresh is in social media hell right now as they deal with the repercussions. Here is a look at a few of the comments Femfresh received on their Facebook page:

“I call it a vagina.  Like any sane person. Including doctors.”

“I’m really sad that you don’t see how abusive it is to put up ads informing me that not only should I infantilise my genitalia but I should also be ashamed of their natural (and lets face it quite attractive) smell. Unfortunately it’s probably a bit difficult for us to remove your ads but perhaps you would consider doing so. Thanks.

PS I’m assuming you realise that the word vagina isn’t offensive. Just checkin”

And whom are these products supposed to be for, you may ask? You would think a five year old by the way Femfresh is marketing their product.  It’s actually for grown women.  At the rate the negative Facebook comments are flowing in on their Facebook page, I don’t think any grown women are going to be buying Femfresh products anytime soon.


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