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Daryl Zang, Artist

It so important to evolve as a person and as a businesswoman and it’s always so interesting to see where life will take us. One of my favorite account people, Lisa Cooper, was the head of relationship marketing at Mercedes Benz and ended up facing what so many of us do at some point in our careers: what do you do if you can’t find the next dream job.

Years ago when I was struggling with my next step Lisa asked me, “What’s your personal bliss?” I didn’t have an answer, as I had never thought about it before. Eventually, I came up with the idea of owning a gym and being a personal trainer. Needless to say, I never pursued it. Well Lisa has found hers in the form of an art gallery. Not the direction I would have ever expected from Lisa.

“Elisa Contemporary Art was created around the vision of art having the power to positively heal and impact all of our lives…and I donate a portion of every sale back to charities helping children heal through art.  I only select artists and artwork that make me feel something…joy, sadness, wonder and curiosity…when I stand in front of it and hope that others feel the same.   For me, the most powerful place for art to live is between our heart and our intuition,” said Lisa.












So it’s not surprising she proposed an exhibit last year to the art committee at Saint Peter’s Church. So Becoming has been over a year in the making and the exhibit is divided into three main sections: Trials & TribulationsMotherhood and the Lighter Side by Daryl Zang.

“I create paintings that reflect my own situation but in doing so address the unique challenges that many women face. The emotional ups and downs of my life are the inspiration for my work. I know I have been successful when a viewer realizes they are not alone with these feelings. The stories of personal triumph and tragedy that my work often elicits validate my belief in my work. Those connections are incredibly gratifying and fuel my enthusiasm,” said Daryl.













Daryl Zang’s art communicates the universal stories of women — the teacher and temptress, protector and provider. They are moments of selflessness and self-absorption. While based on her own personal experiences, Daryl’s work touches on universal truths of women everywhere…shared around the world and passed down from generation to generation.

Lisa said, “What I love about Daryl’s work is the emotional connection that is created when one views her paintings. In Acceptance, there is a touching vulnerability and reminder to accept and love ourselves as we are, and in Bliss, there is a captured moment of joy and letting go. In the case of this show, both my gallery and Saint Peter’s will be donating to the EverWonder Children’s Museum in Newtown CT.”

Last Straw, Mommy Track, M is for Mommy
Daryl Zang said, “This series of paintings were inspired specifically by my experiences with motherhood.  Being a mother comes laden with pressure and becoming one for the first time tests your endurance and can rattle your self-esteem.  The birth of my first son propelled me into a struggle to maintain my own identity and self-worth.  I felt constantly at odds with the expectations I felt others had for me and also struggles with my own imagined ideals.  I used my studio as an escape and painted only for myself.  This series of paintings point out the sense of isolation and the ambivalence I faced and which I believe all women who are mothers will recognize.”

Bubble series
“I made a series of bubble paintings one summer, inspired by a simple afternoon watching my sons blow and chase bubbles in the backyard.  I could not help but get caught up in their happiness and laughter.  The afternoon made me reflect on the simple joys of my own childhood, value these happy moments more, and vow to keep a sense of play in many more of our days,” said Daryl.

You can see more about the exhibit and her work Elisa Contemporary Art.

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