First Time MOMs Hold $16 Billion of Spending Power in Their Hands

Moms In The Know

Wow! $16 billion in spending power is the potential of new moms according to the new research from Eric Mower + Associates New Moms Group. And brands have just those first 9 months to earn the new mom’s loyalty and get a piece of the $10,000 moms spend from the time they learn they are pregnant till the baby’s first birthday.

The new mom is overwhelmed, uncertain, scared at the same time very excited.

Brands will have their work cut out for them trying to win her over. She will do her homework, network with friends and be looking for resources she can trust. And with so many resources to choose from, a brand will have to be very strategic and multi-channel.

To read more about the spending power of new moms, click here.


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