Fitness Fallacies and Desperate Measures



It’s the time of year when television, radio, and the Internet ambush audiences with commercials promising weight loss of 20 pounds in 20 days. Leaving common sense behind, many people fall prey to the ads simply because the holidays left their mark on unsuspecting bellies and thighs.

Why do so many smart women believe the unbelievable? It comes down to desperation. As the old saying goes: Desperate times call for desperate measures; and those wise advertisers are all over it. They’re well aware that as we work to get past our sugar cookie transgressions, we’ll stop at nothing to be absolved.

Rather than fall victim to unrealistic results, perhaps it’s time to get on top of the hype, discern fact from fiction, and take control of your body! Let 2013 be the year that you avoid diet dogma and trust yourself enough to make the right decisions for your health.

So here’s a fact versus fiction breakdown to give you leg up on getting past the confusion of weight loss strategies and realizing the power of a healthy body is within you!

For exercise to be effective, you have to exercise until you puke

Really? Completely untrue. I don’t know about you, but when I see an exercise program called, Insanity, my “spidey senses” kick in and I run far away. The best way to be fit is consistency. With high intensity programs, the risk of injury reduces consistency. Be practical. At 51 years old, I run a few times a week, walk most days of the week, and sneak in strength training here and there. I try my best to stretch my body every 30 minutes if I’m tied to my desk. You don’t need to draw blood to be fit. Find activities you enjoy, and stay consistent! 

I can’t get motivated!

There are a number of reasons people can’t stick with exercise, common reasons include too much too soon, unappealing activity, or boredom. When I initially lost my weight, I took classes and loved the energy and camaraderie; it was the secret to my initial success. So take a look at what you’re currently doing. You may be the personality that is inspired by others. Try out various classes or find a walking or running buddy. Keep experimenting until you find what sticks!

I just can’t lose weight, even if I exercise

The truth is that nutrition is about 65 percent of the weight loss equation. Unfortunately, too many people exercise simply to eat more. Getting a handle on nutrition is key. Basic changes like eliminating processed and fried foods. Cut down on portion sizes (get back to using a 10-inch plate), and reduce sugar intake. Keep a food diary, monitor your intake, and get back to basics. Truly, this is the ONLY way to a healthy weight.

A hundred crunches a day is the secret to abs of steel!

If you didn’t have abs of steel before children, you likely won’t have them now, sorry. Abs of steel is the result of the following combination: great genes, a very lean diet, and hours of exercise. Personally, that’s not the energy I’m willing to give to my abs, especially without the guarantee of a six-pack.  I just want my abs to be strong enough to keep my back healthy, so I’ll settle for abs of tin.

Let 2013 be the year that you ignore fitness fallacies and realize when it comes to your health, you’re in control!

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