Fitsby: Putting a Little Wager on Fitness


FitsbyStruggling with the motivation to work out? How about a little healthy competition to move your butt to the gym? Android users (and soon, iPhone users)  can download Fitsby, a free app that unites friends together to encourage each other to physically get to the gym.

The competition lies in one simple invitation to your pals–this is a game of check-in using the GPS on your phone! Fitsby has an option to play for fun or place a wager on each other’s success. Choose a “Winner Takes All” option where the top player banks 92 percent of the money (Fitsby takes 8 percent of the pot for processing), or a “3 Winners” game where 1st place receives 45 percent of the pot, 2nd place receives 27 percent of the pot and 3rd place receives 20 percent of the pot.

How it works:

1. Download the free app.

2. Invite your friends to join (there must be at least 2 players but there is no maximum).

3. Play for fun or place a wager on your workouts and choose from 7, 14, 21, or 28 workout days.

4. Check in on Fitsby for at least 30 minutes at your preferred fitness establishment.

5. Be the top gym goer for your game.

6. Collect your winnings!

Unfortunately, home gyms do not qualify; the point of Fitsby is to get you out of your home to work out. And no cheating either–you can only check in to a gym once per day.

Even if you do not win the overall competition, you can still receive rewards for single workouts like $1 MP3 credits, American Apparel discount coupons, and free glasses from because Fitsby has partnered with rewards app Kiip as an added bonus to players.

As the top gym goer, you win the pot from those who failed to visit the gym as much as you. When the game ends, the winner will receive payment via PayPal. I don’t know about you, but a little peer pressure (not to mention a cash incentive) to get to the gym is enough for me to lace up my shoes and hightail it to my nearest gym.

Of course, bragging rights are almost always better than money, so why not give Fitsby a whirl? I’m all about mixing it up in life and making memories I can reminisce about years later with my friends…so long as I’m the winner.

For more information about Fitsby, visit the FAQ page.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for the write-up! I wanted to let you know that we recently pushed out an update for Fitsby and all games are now goal-based. You will never lose any money if you reach your workout goal! It’s a great way for families to keep each other accountable to stay fit.

    Kevin Yun

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