Five Therapy Tools Everyone Should Own.


These therapy tools aren’t expensive and can really help you if you have an injury. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars.

Softball, tennis or therapy balls can hit trigger points.
I think this was the first tool I discovered. I started with a softball, but you’ll find you might want different size balls or to look at the softness of the ball. These balls also come with textures for a different sensation. I used the softball on the bottom of my foot because I often get plantar fasciitis. You can use the ball to roll out the tendons or you can freeze an empty seltzer bottle and roll your foot can get the added benefit of the cold. Cold is great for inflammation.You can also use two balls on either side of your lower back to get some lower back relief. I worked with a trainer who had duck taped two yoga balls together. YogaOutlet has these on sale for $5.99.And I’ve used a ball to work on tight periformis muscles. You just have to find the spot and try to relax. The ball will do the rest of the work.

A theracane helps shoulder pain and more.
I carry my stress and tension in my shoulders. And hunched over a computer doesn’t help. A theracane lets you find the spot and apply your custom level of pressure on the trigger point. Theracanes cost about $19 or more, but you can find some on EBay for much less. I have the Body Back Company’s theracane.Here’s a great video to show you how to use a theracane.

A set of exercise bands for strengthening and stretching.
I really don’t like stretching, but I’m learning to love them. I loop them around my ankles to walk side to side or to do backwards “monster walks.” They really target your gluteus muscles. I own these “Life Simply” bands. They are thicker and if you don’t buy the right ones bands like these tend to snap.

A resistance band with handles for standing exercises.
I’ve had this kind of resistance band with handles for years. You can stand and do bicep curls. You can loop it over a fence and put on some and music and practice your right/left punches to really work the shoulders.Check out this video with great exercises for using the bands for your abs.

A dual grip medicine ball can help build strength of arms and abs.
I’ve used medicine balls but the balls with the handles are easier for older hands and in particular if you have arthritis or stiffness in your hands. This type of ball will give you more control over your exercise routine.Here’s another video showing beginner ab exercises with the medicine ball.

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