Flying Solo And Taking A Vacation Alone To Nashville


Call it a midlife crisis or just a phase, but I’m suddenly in full mode for adventure. I’ve flown on a trapeze, ridden any number of ziplines and crawled through a cave with bats just a few inches about my head. I like to try new things and still have belly dancing, cooking classes and ballroom dancing on the list.

A couple of weeks ago I talked a fairly new friend into trying a hip hop class with me. I met her walking by dog around the block. She accused me of stealing her dog. Her dog, however, is a female version of mine and they look like they might have come from the same litter with the exception of their genders. The accusation turned into a bigger conversation, a doggie playdate and a pretty lame hip hop lesson. But she’s one of the few women I’ve met who seems to be game to try anything and it’ll be good to have a partner in crime.

Right now, though, I’m flying solo.

Literally flying to Nashville for a four-day spur-of-the-moment mini vacation. I might not have booked this if my daughter hadn’t announced, “You don’t have the balls to go alone, Mom.” There was no way I was going to let her win that argument particularly after checking my airline miles and discovering I had enough to cash in for a free round-trip ticket. An unexpected windfall paid for the hotel. My Ex decided to reimburse me some money he owed so this trip was meant to be.


So here I am a few minutes from landing in Nashville. I’ve laid out a whole itinerary of things to do while I’m and have the vouchers already printed out and ready to go. I don’t really like country western music, but this city seemed like a great place to go it alone in since there’s so much to do there. Maybe it was the show Nashville that inspired me in my sub-conscious. I am so disappointed I couldn’t get a ticket to the show tour that takes you everywhere they film the show including the real Bluebird Café, which I had assumed was a fictitious name drummed up for the show. And I’m disappointed there were no tickets for the Nash Trash Tour. Even still, I’m going full-on Susie Tourist. Look out Nashville.


Day One:
First stop is the Country Music Hall of Fame. After checking in I headed over to the Music Hall. The museum is packed with everything and anything you’d ever want to know about country music.

The costumes are unbelievably tiny.
Throughout the museum you can find glittery, sequined and fringed costumes that will take your breath away. They are astoundingly small. I know celebrities tend to be smaller but the costumes, like Shania Twain’s seemed like they were designed for a 10-year-old.

Be sure to find Elvis’ gold Cadillac.
The museum also had several cars like the Bandit from Smoky and The Bandit to Elvis’ Cadillac which is just as ornate as you would expect his Caddy to be. I can imagine Elvis getting out of it all dressed in white to match it.

Honky Tonk Town is LOUD.
You can tell you’re in Honky Tonk Town by the cacophony of music pouring out of windows and doors on to the street. There are no cover charges. You can just walk in and listen to great music all day and into the wee hours. I went to the famous Robert’s Western World and found an empty stool a few feet from the stage. Don’t be cheap though. You need to leave a tip in the tip jars for the hard-working musicians.

Today I’m off to find the famous biscuits and more.


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