Four Tips For Protecting Your Kids Skin This Summer


Whether playing with friends at the park, running along the sea shore, or taking part in some other fun outdoor summer activity, your children need to protect their skin. Yes, enjoying the great outdoors will provide ample opportunities for exercise and fresh air, but unprotected skin is susceptible to various health issues ranging from sunburn to the Zika virus. In order to keep your kids safe during the summer months, here are some tips to stay safe out in the sun.

  1. Sunscreen: It’s critical that you protect your children’s skin with sunscreen during the summer months. Water-resistant sunscreen with, firstly, a sun protection factor with no less than 30 and, secondly, with protection from both ultraviolet A rays and ultraviolet B rays is what you need — so shop accordingly. It’s also important that you apply the sunscreen 30 minutes or so before your children go outside, and use sunscreen that has zinc oxide or titanium oxide on the nose and lips region since those body parts are more impacted by the sun. As well, be sure to reapply the sunscreen as required — once or more hourly — since sunscreen can come off if your children are playing in water.
  1. Clothing: Buy clothing with sun-protection properties built in. Such clothing will list the ultraviolet protection factor, which is a measurement that pertains to how much protection your children will have from the sun if they wear the clothing. In addition to this, ensure that they have a cap or hat as well as sunglasses to get further protection from the sun.bug spray
  1. Bug Repellant: Zika is a mosquito-borne virus for which there are no vaccines available. It has led to many birth defects and is definitely something that you should seek to prevent. One effective strategy is to apply mosquito repellant. But not just any option will do. To ensure that your children are safe during the summer months, you should get mosquito repellent with active ingredients IR 3535, DEET, or picaridin. For children, the DEET concentration should be less than 30%. One thing to remember is that you should spray mosquito repellent on your children only after applying the sunscreen. Doing the reverse will negate the effectiveness of the bug repellant. And be sure to apply the repellent to your children’s feet too since mosquitos that carry the Zika virus like to focus on feet.
  1. Skin Care: You can protect your children’s skin this summer by getting them to follow a regular skin care routine that includes moisturizing. Dry skin can bring on a host of issues like flakiness and itchiness, but there are some easy things you can do to protect your children from this problem. Combining several drops of essential oils like sandalwood, geranium, and myrrh to mineral water or distilled water to create a moisturizing mist can help to prevent dry skin.

During the summer months, your kids will want to be out and about enjoying time in the sun, and this should be encouraged since there are many benefits to being active outside rather than being inactive in front of the television set. But you need to take proper precautions to ensure that their skin is protected. Follow the tips above to ensure that your kids can safely enjoy outdoor summer fun.

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