Free Online App For Kids For Creating Fun Stickers.



We would probably all agree that kids simply love stickers. They’re fun, shiny and colorful; therefore kids can’t help but be attracted by them. Stickers can also make children express their identity. Kids interests generally change over time so their choice of stickers reflects this. The places that they choose to apply stickers on (walls, floors, furniture and similarly “convenient” places around the house) can sometimes be a bit frustrating for parents, but in most cases stickers are actually very practical and handy. Since kids love to improve the way their belongings look, they tend to decorate objects such as books, toys and lunchboxes by applying stickers on them. This can also help them easily identify their belongings and keep everything on board. No more lost books, bags, pencils or other personal items. 

Pulling a sheet of stickers from the bag can bring big smiles from kids. Imagine what a sticker creator can do! Wouldn’t it be nice if kids could create their own stickers? Of course, it would. Fortunately there is a creative app for designing all types of stickers, tags, labels etc. Sounds like a Wonderland, right? Labeley is an online sticker creator, which doesn’t require any design skills. Because of the simplicity of its interface, everyone can use it, even kids. Moreover, since there is no limit to the number of stickers you can create with the app, everyone can use it for creating multitude sticker designs.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide to creating fun kids stickers:

  1. Visit Labeley’s homepage and click on the “Start Designing” button. The tool has five different label categories and allows you to create general, kids, beer, wine and holidays stickers. In order to design kids labels select the blue “Kids” button.labeley-kids-category
  1. When the tool’s interface opens you’ll notice five label elements on the left side of the screen, while the right side is the big canvas or working space. To start designing simply choose one of the offered shapes. It will immediately appear on the right side of the screen. Then proceed with selecting and customizing other label elements. The tool contains big database of pre-designed shapes, borders, backgrounds and graphics and numerous text fonts to choose from. In the design process you can make changes and tweak your sticker until you get the desired output.labeley-kids
  1. When you decide that you want to save your design, as it is, click on the Save Label button in the upper right corner. Your design will emerge on the left side of the screen. Now, you can download it on your computer. Simply right click on it and choose the Save as option.
  1. Labeley also has an extra feature for creating totally personalized stickers. By clicking on the Upload icon, you can upload any image from your computer and make stickers with your child’s photos and other images.sticker-mike

As you can see from the above tutorial, everyone can use Labeley without signing up for a user account with an email or other personal detail. However, if you want to save your designs and tweak them in the future, you can open a free account with your email address only. All you sticker designs will be stored there for future modifications.

Also, if you don’t have a home printer or simply want professionally printed stickers, Labeley offers printing services at really affordable prices. However, the tool is completely free and anyone can use it with no strings attached.

Visit Labeley app and have fun creating stickers with your youngest!




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