Frigidaire is listening…


A while back I wrote about a campaign that Frigidaire was doing with Jennifer Garner. In that iteration, Jennifer appeared dressed in a sheath dress with very high heels and in an absolutely pristine kitchen. Well it appears they might have been listening.

Frigidaire just launched their “Make Time for Change” campaign centered around enlisting Moms to make a commitment to eating fresh this summer. In return, Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children and moms will be eligible to win the new French Door refrigerator. Featuring Jennifer in jeans and casual clothing, this campaign is much more reflective of reality and one of the reason Moms like Jennifer–she looks like a real mom and not just a celebrity and is often seen in a t-shirt and jeans. And the kitchen has cookbooks and bowls in the photograph giving it some sense that human beings actually live there.

The campaign consists of email outreach, Facebook and “Make Time for Change” site. Moms can find recipes for healthy eating and learn more about the refrigerator if they choose. And to further the Save the Children cause, if Moms check into local green markets using Gowalla another $1 will be given to the charity. The Facebook includes instructions for Moms on how to use Gowalla with their smartphones. All those check-ins are then aggregated on a map of the U.S. on the microsite. It’s interesting that they chose Gowalla over Foursquare or even Facebook Places.

I chose to tweet the auto-populated suggestion from liking the page and within minutes, Frigidaire was following me on Twitter. If they had thanked me for tweeting about them I would have truly been amazed, but it’s nice to see them heading in the right direction.

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