Frigidaire wants moms to talk turkey for Save The Children.


Jennifer Garner has teamed up again with Frigidaire this Thanksgiving. Moms are being asked to check out Jennifer Garner’s tips to be entered in a drawing to win a new oven. Each day a mom views Jennifer’s tips counts as an additional entry towards winning the oven, and Frigidaire will donate $1 every day up to $43,000 and give one turkey to a family in need through Save The Children. (I assume it’s one turkey only–from the copy you can’t tell if it might be one turkey or one turkey a day.) The $43,000 is part of Frigidaire’s $500,000 commitment to Save The Children U.S. They’ve included videos of Jennifer and other moms discussing everything from Thanksgiving traditions to traumatizing the turkey, plus tips for leftovers and cooking turkeys (every study I’ve ever read says moms love tips). Moms also can submit their own tips and view the collective views in a scrolling section of the Facebook page. Tips can only be 140 characters, but strangely, they aren’t tweeted as you post them.


• Since Thanksgiving is almost over, the page should be set as the default so it’s visible and not buried in a tab.
• The tab title isn’t inviting and doesn’t take advantage of the holidays.
Chatting with Jennifer Garner would be something moms would love to have the opportunity to do. It would be great to see more two-way dialogue in the future on their Facebook page.

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