From sweatpants to Mamafashionista and more…Meet Audrey McClelland


Meet Audrey McClelland, founder of I had so much fun talking to Audrey. Audrey has her hands full with four boys, writing for Mom Generations, hosting a MomTV show–“Audrey’s Fashion Sense”–and contributing to, Johnson & Johnson’s “Real Moms” Health Channel, one of Hanes’ Social Media Comfort Crew members, a member of the Walmart Elevenmoms, and she holds a position on Hasbro’s Playskool Panel. And is an editor to “Lifetime Mom.” Whew!

Once upon a time Audrey was a New Yorker working for Donna Karan fulfilling her passion for fashion. But she moved to Rhode Island in 2007.

“I lost myself in sweat pants with a bun on my head. But I still had my love of fashion so I wanted to continue to pursue it. So I created with fashion advice for Moms. 365 days a year, even if I’m sick with the flu I post or vlog. Anything goes. It’s nothing over the top, but true, practical advice. I try to not repeat myself. Things like jeans for Mom that are comfortable.

I’m also partnering up with Vera Sweeney who has a blog ( called “I’m Not Obsessed.” Our new venture will be called “Getting Gorgeous.” It will be all about fashion and beauty. We will help Moms get educated about brands and product. It won’t be intimidating. It will be analogous to a Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out. We’ll be reaching out to 350 bloggers and creating a social media footprint.”

If Audrey wasn’t busy enough, she also just signed a book deal. The prospective book is all about “Digital Moms.” I can’t wait to read it. Today’s Moms are connected and technology is not intimidating.

And she is now the spokesperson for Totsy. Totsy is a version of Gilt. Savvy moms learn about brand-specific sales for baby gear, prenatal care products. Membership is by invitation only and the sales only last 48 to 72 hours. And for every purchase, Totsy plants one tree in the name of your child–a pretty great concept. Studies show Moms are more likely to purchase one brand over another if it’s tied to an altruistic initiative.”

I asked Audrey, “Do you think the Mom-phenom will die out?”

“I certainly hope not. It’s so exciting. The landscape is changing every three to four months with new faces and new brands. There are so many new opportunities each year…like video that help Moms up their game or make it different. We have a new front porch with the amount of social media tools out there. Moms hold the power with the things she buys. No one believes celebrities dye their own hair or wash their own laundry. We create a Mom-to-Mom reaction. I don’t buy unless I’ve talked to another Mom.

Blogging has become more mainstream. When I first started blogging in Rhode Island friends thought it was a hobby. But now other Moms are seeing the opportunities it’s brought me. It’s about balance and carving out something for yourself. Moms are making this a business. We’re well equipped to the changes in the social media landscape. We adapt to changes all the time. But we need a platform and to move beyond blogging. It’s more competitive. So it’s about defining what you want whether it be a geographic footprint or a specialty.

We’re just getting started. I’ve seen so many brands jump in over the last nine months and see the power. Older men don’t understand. They look at us and ask, “Do they have a life? It’s is because social media has been a great way for people in their 30;s and younger to stay connected. We’ve been brought up with it, whereas the leaders in many companies right now are being exposed to these tool for the very first time.”

So what is Audrey’s favorite example of a social media campaign well executed? “Suave At Home Party. We were encouraged to invite 10-15 women to talk and have fun. They didn’t necessarily have to be in the social media space. It was a means to have a party with Suave as a backdrop. I had a manicurist come to my house so it fit naturally into my life. It allowed me to create a great environment. My friends loved the product and posted comments of their own volition. I didn’t ask them to.”

Audrey’s final comment to me was, “I never thought I’d be a blogger.” Oh, but Audrey, you are so much more than a blogger. And I’m glad I got to know you better.

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