Generation Alpha: Study Shows Parents Approve Parenting Through AI

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There’s no doubt parenting has changed rapidly. LOL! I didn’t even have a smartphone when my kids were little. I did through their middle school years and can’t live without it.

Generation Alpha is described as children born between 2010 and 2025. This generation more than even GenZ will be digital savvy. And artificial intelligence or AI will help them parent. A recent study by IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization, showed parents are surprisingly open to use AI for help with tutoring, diagnosing and treating illnesses to having a robot for a pet or nanny. It made me instantly think about the old TV show the “Jetsons.”

Parents like the idea of AI because it:

  • 64% — Creates more time for the parent alone
  • 63% — Diminishes the amount of quality time with the child
  • 45% — Minimizes frustrations as a parent
  • 44% — Increases parent’s engagement because the child is engaged“In the future, “smart” toys and AI apps currently in development have the potential to respond to human language and a child’s behavior or enable real-time monitoring and enhancement of vocabulary learning.  According to the IEEE survey, a majority of Millennial parents (80 percent) say AI technology increases their expectations that their Generation Alpha babies will learn faster and more than they did, while for 20 percent, expectations are the same or less.  In addition, three quarters (74 percent) of Millennial parents say they would consider an AI-powered tutor for their child.”

Take a look at this infographic.

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What do you think? Would you trust your child to a robot nanny? Are you ready for AI tutoring?

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