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Gerber just launched “The Gerber Generation” and they’re looking for the next star. At the time of this article 38, 240 photos had been entered of adorable little babies whose Moms are looking for their baby to be chosen for the next Gerber ad. The grand prize also will receive a $25,000 scholarship. No such luck being the next “Gerber Baby” on the jar, but hey, a future star on an ad. The promotion will run for the next six months with winners being chosen every month. The first winning babies are due in August. But if you don’t win, at the very least everyone gets their child’s photo in the gallery.

It’s a very simple idea that plays off of Gerber’s heritage around babies. The Gerber logo is probably one of the most recognized brand’s in the world and the thought of having your baby in reference to the famous baby is very compelling. And the every Mom would love to win that college scholarship. Photos are selected based on visual appeal, expressiveness and their fit with the Gerber heritage and focus on the Gerber Start Healthy, Stay Healthy program.

This is a very good example of a nice social media campaign for Moms.

1. It’s simple. Moms don’t have a lot of time to plow through rules and content. It gets right to the point.

2. Photos are reviewed before they are posted to the site for appropriateness.

3. They integrated their brand message in an interesting way…you have to choose an icon that represents your child’s development stage. The icon accompanies every photo that is in the Gerber Generations gallery.

4. They integrated Twitter and Facebook into the site for spreading the news about the contest.

5. If you choose to vote for a particular baby, there are privacy gates. You need to verify your age and select the Gerber logo as a part of the process. Amazingly, you can be as young as 13 to vote.

6. You can only vote once a day to encourages repeat visits to the site.

I have a couple of comments.

1. At the bottom of the Generations site there are very tiny Facebook and YouTube logos. The YouTube link takes you to their YouTube channel, but once there there was no reference to the contest. The Facebook link takes you to their fanpage but unless you know to look for it under the “photo search” tab, I doubt you would find it.

2. There was a lost opportunity to add a little background on the Start Healthy, Stay Healthy program would have been welcomed by Moms. Good information around eating and health content could have been integrated into the site particularly if it were served up as valuable content, not selling messaging around the products.

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