“Getting It”: Brands Are Listening


ChobaniWhen we posted “Will brands ever “get it””?, which featured real customer-brand interactions in social media, we got further evidence that although brands might not always “get it”, they are trying.  And one thing is for sure – they are listening.

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 5.22.31 AMViews of the post are high.  The Twitter interactions mentioned in the article  yielded Klout “moment” notifications.  And LinkedIn activity shows both brand managers and their competitors viewing the piece.  And of the five brand examples in the post, two responded positively.

The brands respond

Pampers (a brand who “got it”) responded to @MarySusanMurphy, thanking her for sharing the article and giving positive feedback.  And since her original tweet where she said she wished their rewards Facebook app did not require access to her friend list, they have started promoting bonus rewards for referrals (her feedback was posted July 22, bonus referral offer was posted August 5).

Most importantly, @Chobani worked to rectify the experience with Holly Pavlika.  She received several, thoughtfully written emails, and they thanked her for the feedback and promised to learn from it.  They started following her on Twitter, and sent her a case of assorted flavors as a gesture of their promise to improve.  And you know what? By sending that case of flavors, Holly’s daughter is now a fan and they both have adopted new favorite flavors.

Listening leads to “getting it”

            In February 2013, eMarketer’s report, “Brands Leverage Influencers’ Reach on Blogs, Social”, cited a Technorati Media study that showed 65% of marketers participated in “influencer marketing” (via blogs, social, etc.), but spent only 12% of their budget on it.  The majority of their online budgets went to advertising activity.  These statistics show that there’s still a priority shift for brands to make. Why?  Because every customer is an influencer and actual brand experiences trump advertising messages.

For now, when customers speak up and brands listen, that’s when they truly “get it”.  And then everyone wins.

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