Global Poverty Project launches “Global Citizen” to fight world hunger.


Back in May, I lived on $1.50 a day as a part of Global Poverty Project’s initiative to raise awareness and funds to fight the worldwide issue of hunger. This is not just a third world issue, it’s an issue right here in our own back yard. Celebrities, organizations, companies and ordinary people are banding together to tackle this issue. And it’s working! The collective efforts have helped halve extreme poverty, but there are 1.3 billion people still living in extreme poverty.

Hugh Evans, Founder and CEO of Global Poverty Project announced a few days ago, “We are using cutting edge technology to launch Global Citizen — an enduring online community and movement against extreme poverty with real-world successes.

Global Citizen is a web platform that will unite and amplify the calls of the movement to end extreme poverty. It’s a learning and action dashboard that will connect you with some of the most powerful and innovative organizations out there, with campaigns creating important, sustainable change for the world’s poor… and with opportunities to take real social action, anytime, anywhere.”

This September world leaders will gather in New York for the UN General Assembly, and Global Poverty Project will be hosting the Global Festival – a massive advocacy, free ticketed, concert with Neil Young with Crazy Horse, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Band of Horses, K’naan and 60,000 change makers together on the Great Lawn in Central Park.

Hugh said, “The Global Festival and Global Citizen are a first step in a new direction for campaigning. They are a platform, a meta-campaign: tools that our generation can use to tackle our biggest collective challenges.”

I only had to live below the poverty line for a week. I cannot imagine a lifetime of that challenge.

Help spread the word on this by using #GlobalCitizen and @GlobalFestival on Twitter or posting about Global Citizen on your Facebook wall.

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