Good always wins over evil.


My son wanted to be Superman. He would take a towel and run through the house fighting imaginary evil. He dreamed of having super powers that would let him conquer the enemy and right the world. Broom handles, pencils and Lego blocks built to resemble guns became his weapons of destruction and transformed him from an ordinary child to a shining example of good triumphing over evil.

Today that boy is a young man who has grown into an extraordinary human being and still dreams of being Superman and saving the world. He now wears the camouflage of the U.S. Army, replacing the towel safety pinned to his back. He is arming himself with the knowledge and skills to fulfill his dream of conquering the enemy and protecting us all from evil. And inside this fine young man still beats the heart of that little boy.

And while I’m of proud my superman, I’m so afraid something will happen to him. We were watching a movie the other day where a soldier gets killed and I started crying as I thought of it in context of him. The room grew silent as he hugged me and tried to reassure me nothing like that would ever happen to him. After all, he is Superman.

There are many little boys who will never get to be Superman–like my son. So many little boys who will die needlessly this year– little boys like the one in this photograph. Thousands of boys who will die–breaking the hearts of mothers all over the world. Mothers who will never get the chance to see their son have their Shot@flying like Superman. And it will be from evil diseases we know how to prevent like measles, pneumonia and diarrhea. In fact, the number of children dying every year in developing countries from preventable diseases is nearly the equivalent to half of the children entering kindergarten in the U.S.

But you can be a super hero. You can help us combat these evil diseases. And you don’t need a pair of tights or x-ray eyes. You only need $20 to vaccinate a child and give them a lifetime of immunity from pneumonia, polio, diarrhea and measles. Every one of us social media moms has super powers. We can use the power of our voice, connections and our influence to spread the word through our social channels to effect change. We are super moms and we can show our children through our actions that good does always triumph over evil.

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