Google “Ceiling Fan”–Only About 55,600,000+ Results to Sift Through to Buy 1 Ceiling Fan

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Studies show most women do lots of research before making a purchase. Like so many of us, I want to make I make the right decision from a style, function and price perspective. There are thousands to choose from so like so many things on the Internet I’ve spent hours looking and researching to find just the right one. Did you know the average person leaves a web page within 10-20 seconds and only reads about t1/4 of the words on the page?

This summer has been so hot and so expensive running air conditioners. So I’m going to buy a ceiling fan. When my mother first suggested it, I thought “But those are so old-school. But then again, it could be great and save me lots of money. Not to mention, make the living room liveable again. With a loft-like apartment it’s virtually impossible to cool it. And it’s usually not a problem because my apartment has great cross ventilation when the windows are open and there’s a breeze. But it’s been a brutally hot summer so far.

Well I’m off on the prowl for a ceiling fan. Google “ceiling fan” and only about 55,600,000+ results to sift through. Remember when we used to just go to the store and buy what the store clerk said to buy? I’ve checked out multiple websites, blogs, reviews, Flickr and Pinterest boards. It’s only taken about 2 hours out of my day. So I’m ready to buy if I can only decide between the brushed nickel or the white one.

According to Wikipedia, the first fan was designed by Duchess Melissa Rinaldi to cool her home in the Rocky Mountains back in the early 1860-1870s. Much has changed since that first fan. We have all kinds of thermodynamic and energy efficient fans today. And people get crazy designing their fans with everything from camouflage to Super Mario Brothers artwork.

Did you know you can adjust the blades to blow according to the seasons? Blow the air up in the winter and down in the summer if your ceiling is the right height. There are even some fans that have a heater built in for winter months. This was news to me–fans cool air is all an illusion. You think the room is cooler but in reality it’s just blowing the air around and when it hits your skin it speeds up the evaporation of your sweat making you think you are cooler. Hey, I say, whatever works.

And if you’re ever near Zionville, Indiana, you can visit the Fanimation fan museum.


So what I learn about buying a fan?

• the ceiling height and the depth of the fan. You don’t want to chop off your head.

• some fans come with lights and others don’t

• some are easy to install and others are a pain

• fans are heavy so you need to see if your ceiling can carry the weight

• you don’t have to have an ugly chain hanging down as some come with remote controls. One of my favorite Youtube videos is of a cat caught on ceiling fan spinning madly around. It’s a good thing I don’t have a cat. But I’m placing bets my dog might be afraid of it.

Watch the weather change now that I’ve decided.

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