Greystripe just released their 2011 report on “Smartphone Moms”.


Today’s Mom is a mobile maven. We never leave the house without them, sleep with them next to our beds and constantly check them. They are our command centers to being better mothers.

So much of what Greystripe just released their 2011 report on “Smartphone Moms” will come as no surprise. A whopping 66% of Smartphone Moms say they use theirs in some capacity while shopping either to find stores, price compare or conduct research on the product. And interestingly she is skewing older these days with more 55+ year old women using smartphones.

Key takeaways:
• 99% of Moms say she is the key decision maker in household purchases
• 42% use their phone at the grocery store
• 57% use coupons every time they shop
• 55% say advertising plays a role in purchase decisions
• 66% of 18-44 yr old Moms let their kids play with their phones
• Most are happy to view ads in exchange for free content

Younger Moms use their phones for banking and social networking more so than older Smartphone Moms. They are also more likely to use the phone for direct purchases. And younger Moms are more likely to download social networking apps.

So should brands be getting on the bandwagon and developing mobile applications and mobile websites? Yes. Mom’s use of Smartphones will continue to rise. Baby Center also recently released their report on Moms and Smartphones use has grown 64% over the past two years. 51% of moms say they are “addicted” to their smartphone.

Well, I’m off to replace my Smartphone today as I dropped it and shattered the screen – not a smart move at all. Which one should I get?

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