Growing up social, what kind of Mom will the next generation be?

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I don’t usually write personal stories, but I’m feeling compelled to today. Yesterday, my daughter and I walked into Bergdorf Goodman to see if they had this Alexander McQueen ring she’d fallen in love with. (She’s a fashionista and earns her own money by the way.) The store wasn’t very inviting and the answer was no and we were told rather brusquely to go to Barney’s.

So what did she do? She called them on it on Twitter. And they answered. They want to talk to her about her experience through e-mail now. She felt so empowered she was practically dancing down the street that they heard her voice. Look out brands because now there’s a teenager on the loose that understands the power of social media. Imagine her 15 years from now as an empowered social media Mom.

She has been blogging, vlogging and tweeting for a long time now. Granted she lives with a Mom who lives and breathes social, but even still there are millions of Moms across the U.S. and around the world whose Moms are just like me teaching their daughters social media. I’ve spoken to several of my Mom friends who say their daughters have asked them to help them start blogs or how to use Twitter.

My digital daughter will always be connected to people and information. She will know how to crowdsource challenges. She will have apps to help her stay organized and get more done. She is growing up networking already with brands. One company offered her an internship through Twitter. She’s blogged and vlogged for Seventeen Magazine. Although it was only one issue, she created an online fashion magazine with two other girls who live hundreds of miles away from us. And a few short weeks ago, she informed me she wanted to go into marketing/PR/social media as her career choice.

So I chuckled to myself, “What have I created?” Hopefully a strong, empowered young woman who will grow up leveraging social media to be a confident, informed and connected Mom and citizen of the world.

And I can’t wait to hear what Bergdorf’s has to say to her.

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  1. That’s great she felt empowered after using social media to be heard. It’s also great that someone on Twitter at Bergdorfs listened. That’s smart.

    Bicultural Mama

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