Have you heard about Facebook’s Women Connect?





















What a great idea. Using Facebook to curate all the organizations that are helping and supporting women’s causes. We all know women and moms love to support causes that empower change and help make a difference. Imagine a connected place where they could all live and the ease of Facebook functionalities to expedite sharing the stories you like. This would be a terrific idea.

I’m so confused. The page has shows us 29 million have connected. I’d love to know how they came up with the number. I guess it reflects the organizations they’ve featured. The page states there are thousands of pages on Facebook supporting women, yet they only feature 4 categories: anti-violence, empowerment, health and international and a total of 36 organizations. And I couldn’t find anywhere to add an organization. How were the 36 organizations chosen?

But then Facebook changed the whole tenor of this initiative by asking for users to share how they have used Facebook to raise awareness. But the question they asked was “What’s your favorite Facebook love story?’ Huh? Love story? I don’t understand.

If you’re looking for a great place to research causes, I’d recommend causes.com which is an AT&T initiative. They have over 500,000 causes curated and if you don’t find one that suits your philanthropic desires, you can even start your own.

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