Heading to Blogher to meet Moms IRL. Who’s going?






Like the birds returning to San Juan Capistrano every year, on August 4th over 3,500 Moms will descend on San Diego for Blogher. Last year was my first taste of Blogher and it was quite overwhelming so it will be interesting to experience it for a second time. Already it feels different from last year as I’ve met so many Moms since then, and I’ve met some of the women who run Blogher.

I merely mentioned planning to go to Blogher on Twitter or Facebook and I now have several invites to meet some of the Moms I talk with every day, but have never met IRL. (In Real Life) This transition from virtual friendships to real life friendships is so invigorating but can sometimes be awkward. I had a conversation with another Mom the other day about this and how sometimes social Moms are better conversationalists online then in real person. Why is that? Does the Internet give us the ability to be someone else? To be more comfortable? My problem is I often know you by your Twitter handle and not by your real name unless, of course, you use your real name. As corny as it sounds, I think I’m going to make up a Mom-entum badge or t-shirt so that it helps me connect with more of you who are going.

So if you’re going to be at Blogher, I would like to meet as many of you as I can. Let me know in advance so we can figure out a meet up time and place to meet IRL. And Mom-entum/Big Fuel will be one of the sponsors of the Collective Bias Cheap Sally Dance Party.

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  1. Hey Holly!
    It was a pleasure meeting you at Blogher12. You are such a sweet and caring person. xoxo

    Ann B
    • Thanks, Ann. I’m so glad we found each other through Twitter. We have a great little group.

      Holly Pavlika

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