Hear to this: 93% of Moms spend 1 to 5 hours listening to podcasts.


Yes, it’s true. According to Maria Bailey, 93% of Moms spend 1 to 5 hours listening to podcasts. I bet you don’t even have podcasts in your marketing mix. But moms like podcasts. And it makes sense if you think about how much time Moms spend in cars driving kids to events, grocery shopping, running errands and just getting around. And the other reason, is most of the podcasts on iTunes are free–they fit right into a Mom’s budget.

You can find podcasts on everything from parenting, momtrepeneurs insights, religion, cooking, entertainment, humor, science and more. And podcasts make great training tools. Some even publish regularly if you find one you like particularly.

And for highly social moms looking to build their social following, podcasts are a great way to reach new audiences–the mobile community. Couple this with the latest statistics on how Moms are in the lead when it comes to smartphone adoption.

For moms who create podcasts, it’s like having your very own radio show.

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